Medical Coding Apprenticeships: OS2U Trains and Hires

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Medical Coding Apprenticeships: OS2U Trains and Hires

Medical Coding Apprenticeships:  OS2U Trains and Hires

Medical Coding Apprenticeships: OS2U Trains and Hires

Medical coding careers are rewarding but can be hard to sometimes navigate. Many medical coding schools will train you but students leave with a hope and a prayer that they can get a job with little to no coding experience. At OS2U, we go above and beyond to help medical coders not just earn credentials, but also participate in a paid apprenticeship. That’s right! OS2U trains and hires! 

OS2U medical coding school is a unique medical coding program that offers a paid apprenticeship. We go beyond just training students with medical coding credentials, but also connect them with employers who are actively seeking to hire medical coders. The apprenticeship starts as soon as you enroll in the course and lasts six months – after which time you will have earned your credential and can continue on to an even better job!

Let’s go over the basics of our medical coding apprenticeship program.

What are medical coding careers? 

Medical coders help medical professionals diagnose patients by assigning ICD codes to medical records. Medical coding is a rewarding but challenging profession that requires extensive training and many medical coders have trouble finding work in their field.

At OS2U, we offer courses in fundamentals, bootcamp prep before sitting for credential exams, practicums and, our most exciting offer, an apprenticeship program for medical coders who desire paid, remote, on-the-job risk adjustment medical coding roles.

Who are ideal candidates for the Apprenticeship program?

Newly certified coders

Coders who are struggling to find employment

Medical coders interested in switching to Risk Adjustment Coding

Coders who are interested in eventually going into auditing roles

Medical Coders who would like to have a very well rounded resume after two years

Since OS2U trains and hires, what traits do coders usually exhibit to qualify for the paid apprenticeship opportunity?

Willingness to learn.

Passion for medical coding.

Desire to grow in the medical field.

Experience is not required but a plus!

Open to feedback.

Eager to participate.

This medical coding apprenticeship is paid and lasts six months.  During those six months, you will work remotely for an employer on medical risk adjustment coding projects – which are the highest paying in medical billing!

After successful completion of your medical coding training at OSU, we take care of finding a job for you through our network with medical coding employers.

Is there a payment schedule or deadlines for course tuition to be paid?

Just as a student initially pays for their education before entering the workforce, OS2U has courses that prepare students for medical coding apprenticeships. These medical coding apprenticeships are paid by our employers – but students must pay for the medical coding training course prior to application and acceptance into our Apprenticeship program.

What are the prerequisite courses to the Apprenticeship program?

Successful completion of the HCC Basics and HCC Mock Project with OS2U is a prerequisite. They can be found at our Course Calendar on our website.

What do the prerequisite courses cost and when do they start?

Since this blog serves as evergreen content (meaning it should always be relevant whenever read), you can always find our updated course calendar and catalog at our website. Costs and tuition info is also provided! Simply visit

Each year, you can prepare for your academic training plan one of two ways. You can always check the Course Calendar on our site, as well as, schedule a Career Advisory Session with us to get a solid game plan about your unique coding goals and what we can offer in forms of training and credentials to help you meet them!

How does payment as an Apprentice work?

There is a payment schedule that allows you to complete your medical coding credential in six months, while also being able to work part-time remotely on medical risk adjustment projects!

OS2U trains and hires! Coders get paid by chart (per chart, independent contractors).

Is there an average number of charts people get through each week? 

Approximately, 100 per week is the requirement for live projects. This can, however, vary depending on the project. Apprentices can code as many as they want and outside of 8am-5pm as long as still available for the required 8am-5pm time frame, Monday through Friday.

Are there any requirements aside from the prerequisite courses being completed?

  • You must be a US Citizen or have a green card
  • The apprenticeship requires a 2-year commitment
  • You must be available M-F 8a-5p during the apprenticeship
  • Remote/Work from Home
  • Onboarding is once a year
  • We only accept 100 coders per year
  • Successful completion of the HCC Basics and HCC Mock Project with OS2U is a prerequisite (as mentioned above)
  • Prerequisite registration + payment deadline is 12/20/2021
  • Apprenticeship will start approx. 6/21/2022
  • You must have your CRC by 6/30/2022
  • Pay during apprenticeship is per chart

Is there anything else I should know about OS2U’s Risk Adjustment Apprenticeship Program?

Medical coding is a wonderful way to be an integral part of the healthcare system. In fact, the revenue cycle allows businesses to predict cash flow and track transactions at all stages. While not every transaction proceeds according to schedule, this rough timeline indicates when payments will be made and how much a business can expect to take in as revenue by a given date. This helps keep the health system at operational readiness to serve the nation. 


Whether you are entry level or have a few years of experience in coding, our apprentice program brings a ton of value to those who apply and are accepted! You can always join us another year. Keep an eye out for a job alert on various forms (FB, IG, email newsletters) to know when this program kicks back off. 


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