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We recognize the challenge healthcare entities face with the need for qualified candidates to ensure revenue integrity without the requirement of on the job training to overwhelm an already strained workforce. We also identify with new certified coders who are discouraged that despite what they were told before they invested time and money in a program to become certified, it is extremely difficult to get a job in medical coding without experience.

Our approach to this challenge is, instead of creating training to only assist a coder with earning a coding certification and burdening the healthcare industry with an abundance of certified coders who have never seen a real chart before, never been through a coding or compliance audit before, never used tools such as an encoder or know how to use coding clinic and compromising a facilities revenue integrity – we will create it.

Thanks to the guidance of Department of Labor Apprenticeship Program, we were able to design an all inclusive medical coding training platform that includes, medical coding training, certification prep, simulated coding environments managed by our coding leadership team, paid on the job training and placement services to provide the ultimate experience for a new generation of medical coders and a candidate healthcare companies can rely on.


Our mission is to provide quality training, professional development and mentorship to future coders of America.


Our vision is to cultivate a holistic learning environment which has all the elements medical coders need to launch their career ~ training, certification prep, apprenticeships and placement.


Our goal is to indirectly support healthcare organizations by providing a job ready medical coder beyond certification prep.

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