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What Our Alumni Say

I believe my knowledge as a coder is getting better than I was last year. This pre-season training courses are very essential and benefits for being a great coder. Wish I had this training last year. My favorite part is to see video rational and help me understand coding step by step.


2016 Student

I can honestly say I have nothing but positive things to say about the OS2 risk adjustment training course. It is extremely thorough and very user friendly. I have done quite a few online coding courses elsewhere and OS2 has the most instructor to student support/communication I have experienced. Unlike the other programs I've done, I feel that OS2 not only sets you up to pass your exams, but to succeed in the "real world".


2016 Student

This has been an outstanding experience. I have been studying coding for over a year and half and I have gained more knowledge in the short period of taking this course then in the several months of studying on my own. The staff is so helpful and polite, most of all very patient.


2016 Student

Great class for anyone who does not have a lot of coding experience, this course prepares you for the CRC exam. By just focusing on the chronic conditions this allows you to become a specialty coder. The Interaction with the student learners and faculty is dynamic, good learning tool.


2016 Student

I would like to say that OS2 is a great experience. The course is very detailed and the staff has been very helpful when help is needed. I would recommend this company to all who are interested in learning medical coding.


2016 Student