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Job Description

A paid remote on the job risk adjustment medical coding role. Coders interested in the apprenticeship program must commit to two MRA seasons with OS2 Healthcare Solutions, own a desktop with two or more screens, CRC credential and successfully pass the HCC Mock Project. After coder completes the Risk Adjustment Apprenticeship they will have 2 years of experience and earned their CRC and CPMA. At which time novice coders will have the time requirements, certifications and skill employers are looking for. Click hear to review job description.


  • Pre-requisites

    1. HCC Mock Project,
    2. CRC credential

  • OJT

    Coding risk adjustment encounters for multiple payers during MRA Season also know as peak season (May-Jan)

  • Training

    Determined based on the credential or license you held when coming into the program. (buttons for each certification type- credentialed, registered or CRC only) Training phase is during retro risk hiatus season (Feb-May)

  • Placement

    After 2 successful seasons in the apprentice program students can elect to stay with OS2 as a Risk Adjustment Coder seasonally. There is also an option to take the placement practicum for assistance with permanent placement, should the coder need assistance.

Training Calendars

Certified Coders
Certified Coders
Ideal candidates must have one or more of the following credentials: CPC-A, CPC, COC-A, COC, CCS, CCS-P
Registered Coders
Registered Coders
Ideal candidates must have one or more of the following credentials: RHIA, RHIT, CCA
CRC Only Coders
CRC Only Coders
Ideal candidates must have the following credential: CRC

Supplies & equipment

  • Current year ICD-10 CM
  • Previous year ICD-10 CM
  • Computer with Dual Monitor

Project Leads

Ideal Candidates

Unsure which course tract you should take to determine a better
success rate with the OS2 HCC Apprenticeship?

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Why do I have to pay for training with OS2U prior to joining the OS2 Apprenticeship Program?

OS2U Training and Development Center and OS2 Healthcare Solutions (OS2HCS) are two separate entities. OS2HCS apprenticeship program was created to provider novice coders with the experience employers look for. In order for inexperienced coders to be able to meet the demands of the live projects with OS2HCS, coders must take the OS2U prerequisite courses to demonstrate their proficiency in Risk Adjustment.

Am I paid during PST?

Am I paid during PST?- During the 10-weeks of Pre-Season Training, coder will learn and get hands on experience in Risk Adjsutment. It will not be until after the completion of training and meeting the apprenticeship requirements that coders would begin working with OS2HCS. For more information, check out our website

Do you offer payment plans?

Absolutely, we do our best to find payment options suitable to each person. To find out more information about our different payment plans available feel free to visit our website: You may also contact OS2U at or (254) 312- 7011 and mention payment plans.

Can I work part-time as an apprentice?

During your first season with OS2 you will have to be available full-time. After your first season there is an opportunity to work part-time. Interested in learning more Pre-Season Training, schedule a career advisory session with our Education Director

Do I need to take OS2U's CRC Bootcamp to earn my CRC for the apprenticeship program?

You do not have to take the OS2U CRC Bootcamp to earn your CRC. You may prepare for the CRC exam using outside resources. However, to join the apprenticeship program coders must have their CRC or their exam scheduled. Interested in a risk adjustment bootcamp, check out our website

Is there any exit clause in the apprentice program, in case of any unexpected circumstance , or family emergencies?

At this time we do not have an exit clause due to unexpected circumstances or family emergencies. However, it is a great idea and that is something that we will need to consider. We consider each case as it is presented to us to determine next steps. Respectfully, if you are concern or suspect there will be a significant event that could cause you to prevent the program. We recommend, consider either the student only option or decline the apprenticeship and focus on the severe circumstance.

Is there any vacation period, even if it is unpaid during apprenticeship?

No, but you are allowed to take days off and make them up when you have met production and quality goals.

By take HCC Mock Project and the CRC Bootcamp help in passing the CRC exam?

Yes, it does.

Can I still start with an apprenticeship if I am not able to clear the exam?

Yes, but you must have your results by 6/30/2021.

How much does one make during apprenticeship, approximately?

It ranges from $2000-$3500 per month. It depends on the coder, as the pay model is per chart.

Does 100 charts in a week mean 20 charts / day or depends how many one can do ?

You can certainly code more than 20 charts per day or 100 charts per week. However 100 chats per week is the minimum and you must code between the hours of 8am-5pm.

Can i do HCC Basics, HCC Mock Project and CRC boot camp right now and join an apprenticeship later?

Yes, we call that student only. However, we only offer the training once per year. If you don’t accept when offered you will have to take HCC Mock Project again when you are ready to join us.

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