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We can woo you with our credentials, experience and affiliations, but that doesn’t matter when you are looking for a career. OS2U Training and Development Center’s defining principle is medical coding mentorship and professional development. There are plenty of amazing coding schools with the ability to teach students medical coding. We are proud to be strategically aligned with partners to provide quality medical coding training, real world- on the job training, mentorship and permanent placement. We don’t claim to be the best, but we are pretty darn close. A One Stop Shop (OS2) solution with your coding career.

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Recent Available Graduates

Tyler Raczy CCS, CCA, CRC

"Everything happens for a reason."


Chris Lopez Webb CPC-A, COC-A, CRC

"If you can read, you can teach yourself anything."


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When you hire from Codeup, you’re getting candidates who are primed to fit your business needs. While our candidate pool is diverse, all our candidates have one thing in common: They have intentionally committed to their futures by mastering relevant tech skills and learning how to navigate the fast-paced tech industry. With their grit,

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