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Course Description

This is an self-paced online course using Practicode as a tool to teach and test medical coding proficiency using real, redacted medical records. Coders will meet with our leadership team to discuss performance metrics, common errors, quality and production best practice and resource utilization.

  • Only available to OS2 Healthcare Solutions Outpatient Mentee students
  • Course only offered once per year
  • Required to successfully complete the Outpatient Mentee Program
  • Self paced course ideal for coders who are seeking to remove Apprenticeship status from certification
  • Recommended for CPC-A’s to take with HCC Basics and/or HCC Mock Project to meet minimum requirements for entry level HCC coding roles

Meet Teacher

Alexandra Dibrell CPC, CRC

Alexandra grew up in East Texas and graduated from the University of Texas at Austin in 2009 with a BA in Anthropology. She moved to the hill country in 2014 and earned her CPC in 2019. She enjoys discovering new music, listening to non-fiction podcasts, birdwatching and reading.

An only child of social worker parents living among the red dirt and pine trees of East Texas, She learned independence and self-reliance from a young age. A thirst for knowledge led her to Austin where she graduated with a BA in Anthropology from the University of Texas. After a string of unfulfilling jobs and ten years in the city, Alexandra moved back to the countryside and discovered medical coding. She loves coding because it combines the twin pleasures of working from home and the need to constantly expand one's skill set. In her free time, she enjoys discovering new music, listening to non-fiction podcasts, birdwatching and reading.


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  • Supplies are sold separately. Not included in tuition cost

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2023 Course Wait List

Are you in the process of earning your certification and not able to join us this year? Have you missed the deadline for HCC Basics and would like to be notified when we begin enrolling next year? Sign up on our waitlist to be contacted when we start registration for next year. In the meantime, consider enrolling in our CRC bootcamp in August to earn your CRC pre-requisite.

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Do I have to schedule both exams?

No, you may take the bootcamp to sit for either your CPC or COC, or both.

Do you offer practice exams?

Yes, OS2U provides 3 mock exams and a practice final.

When do I schedule my exam with AAPC?

OS2U recommends scheduling your exam within 30 days after the completion of training.


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