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What is medical coding

What is Medical Coding

Medical Coding is the combination of letters and numbers to describe diagnosis, procedures, medical service and equipment for inpatient and outpatient records on a computer.

Medical Coding Professionals help ensure that codes are entered correctly during the medical billing process. By using physicians’ notes, medical record documentation, labs and radiology results, coders translate the written observations into the appropriate codes – which then becomes a claim paid by insurance carriers.

Our Programs

Mentee Programs

The OS2U Mentee Program is a uniquely designed course that is broken up into 2 phases, risk adjustment and outpatient coding. Through this course, students have the opportunity to earn 3 coding certifications from AAPC. Our course is regulated by The Texas Workforce Commission and provides students with the fundamentals in coding, practical experience, and a paid internship upon completion of earning the first certificate.


OS2U would love to help boost your confidence before sitting for an AAPC certification exam, by taking one of our comprehensive exam-prep bootcamps (offered monthly)! With a 94% first attempt pass rate,  students can be sure that they will receive proper testing tips along with mock exams specifically designed for success. Each student will complete our courses gaining the self-assurance to pass their exam. Learn more by clicking the button!

Pre-Season Training

OS2’s Risk Adjustment Pre-Season Training (PST) is a 10-week online course for certified coders. Our practicums are simulated charts and guideline to provide students with skills needed to master proficiency in risk adjustment coding. We offer practicums in-home risk assessment, HCC/RxHCC’s and complete code capture.

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Invested In Your Success

At OS2U it’s about OS2 and YOU! We want you to be successful and we will do everything in our power to make online classes feel like a community.

AHIMA Vlab With 3M

Building on a foundation and in-depth knowledge of coding guidelines, you will learn how to deploy the tricks of the trade to become a more efficient and effective coder.

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