Rajani Thapa RHIA, CRC

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Rajani Thapa RHIA, CRC

Why did you want to be a medical coder?

I wanted to work in health care field where I don’t have to directly deal with patients and medical coder is a perfect job that best match my interest.

How did you choose the OS2 apprentice program?

HCC mock project helped me gain better understanding of Risk adjustment coding and mainly my career path and goal. OS2 apprentice program is an excellent opportunity to pursue in Risk Asjustment career.

What are you happiest doing when you’re not coding


What three words best describe you?

Learner, Reliable, Flexible.

Where are you located (City/State)?

Irving, TX.

Share your hidden talent.

Can speak three languages.

What would be your personal motto?

Life goes on!

4524 South W S Young Dr, Suite 102, Killeen Tx 76542