Jessica Lloyd CPC-A, CRC

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Jessica Lloyd CPC-A, CRC

Why did you want to be a medical coder?

I enjoy detail-oriented work and solving a good mystery. When looking for a career field after being a dedicated stay at home parent for six years, medical coding intrigued me. I love the research and learning that comes with medical coding.

How did you choose the OS2 apprentice program?

I found an ad for their apprenticeship program on, and their company had great reviews with amazing opportunities.

What are you happiest doing when you’re not coding

Art projects, reading, and spending time with my family and pets.

What three words best describe you?

Dependable, organized, understanding.

Where are you located (City/State)?

Killeen, TX.

Share your hidden talent.

Finding things that others are looking for.

What would be your personal motto?

You always have a choice. You just have to be prepared for the consequences.

4524 South W S Young Dr, Suite 102, Killeen Tx 76542